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Kamil Art Gallery Monaco: Ali Akbar Sadeghi art
Kamil Art Gallery is delighted to present the first Monaco exhibition dedicated to Ali Akbar Sadeghi (b. 1937), one of the most prolific and influential Iranian artists of his generation.This exhibition presents a diverse selection of artworks including paintings, drawings, book illustrations, animations, and sculptures from 1970s to 2019. Created within two utterly distinctive regimes of cultural and artistic policies, Sadeghi’s work articulates new trains of thought in the class relations and accessibility of art in Iran. Both through collaborations with institutions intended for cultural development and working within self-organised projects, Sadeghi has continuously anticipated a creative and broader ground for his audience. This exhibition reveals Sadeghi’s artistic journey with a focus on “DEMONS” as super-human figures. Influenced by Persian epic literature as well as universal narratives, Sadeghi’s work offers a thoughtful and creative insight to the condition of human in modern times. Curated by Fereshte Moosavi: Independent Curator, PhD, Curatorial/Knowledge, Goldsmiths University of London .
Kamil Art Gallery Monaco: Ali Akbar Sadeghi art
Kamil Art Gallery Monaco: Ali Akbar Sadeghi art

Ali Akbar Sadeghi is a climax figure in the context of Iranian Modern and Contemporary art. He has practiced in many artistic fields and has influenced many genres and artists. Sadeghi has participated in over fifty solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. His works have been featured in over eight volumes of monographs and is part of renowned museums around the world including British Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He has been sitting on the jury panels of over ten international biennials and has won numerous international awards for his outstanding animations and designs. In 2009, Sadeghi was recognized by the Ministry of Culture in Iran as an outstanding figure due to his lifetime contributions to Iranian art and culture.

Fereshte Moosavi, is an independent curator and educator based in London with PhD from Curatorial/Knowledge programme at Visual Cultures Department of the Goldsmiths University of London. For over seven years, (April 2011- September 2018) she has worked as the art director and curator of the MOP Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in London that provides different educational and representational programmes for Iranian artists. Moosavi is the founder and director of Curatorial, in Other Words, a research-based curatorial project initiated in December 2015 in collaboration with Charsoo Honar, Tehran. Moosavi has curated a number of research-based exhibitions including; “Contemporary Iran: A Historiographical Review on the Relation Between Art and Public in Iran” at the Art Monte-Carlo, non-profit section for which she has won the F.P Journe Prize; “Animal Party” at Kamil Gallery, Monaco, April 2018; “Ali Akbar Sadeghi: A Retrospective” at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, January-March 2018; and “Trans-Transfiguration: Sheikh Saafi’s Anecdote and any Expandable Thing” at Lajevardi Foundation in Tehran, May-July 2017. 

Kamil Art Gallery showcases a large collection of contemporary art, and remains committed to supporting the work of young, emerging artists worldwide. Owned by the architect and interior designer Kamil, the gallery combines cutting-edge design with new and well-known art piece from artists. In nearly 30 years, Kamil has supported many artists from l’Ecole de Nice (Sosno, Le Malin, Klein, Arman ...) and highlighted the Spanish Sabala, F.M.G and Serrano. He’s currently presenting the famous photographer New Yorker, Jordan Matter who created a viral phenomenon attracting over 3 million followers on social media as well as the videos of his Youtube series, “10 minute photo challenge” which have been viewed over 200 million times. Author of the New York Times bestsellers Dancers among Us and Born to Dance. He also supports an exceptionally eccentric German artist Eric Massholder with challenging works. It is quite natural that today Kamil Art Gallery focuses on Iranian contemporary art that is in full expansion.

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