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Vasily Klyukin

Vasily Klyukin

Monaco 2050 - the flying yacht of the future.

The world is constantly evolving. New technologies are rapidly devouring the old ones. Thanks to advanced materials the contemporary design is changing with enormous speed. The Futurists and Hollywood movies show us how tomorrow and the day after will look like. The yesterday's tales have long become a present day.

When designing the yacht of the future, I decided to call it Monaco 2050 - the year I predict the emergence of the first yacht of this type. And no doubt that it will be presented at the most prestigious yacht exhibition in the world - Monaco Yacht Show.
The upper deck is the part of the yacht and the independent aircraft at the same time. If necessary, it will rise upwards with the help of the screws embedded in the wings, becoming a helicopter.

However, the helicopter on top of the yacht is not an innovation anymore, furthermore it's difficult to cross the Atlantic or to fly to Hong Kong by helicopter. Therefore, after gaining the necessary altitude and speed, it's possible to turn on the jet engines and even go overseas.
In fact, we shouldn't really have to wait for 35 years. Such a yacht can be started designing even today: the development of drone technology and the current achievements of the helicopter industry allow the aircraft to reach the desired height, and only then, at the altitude of 1000-2000 meters, it can be switched to the jet engines.
I'm convinced that I will definitely have an opportunity to fly by such a yacht, just over some time later.

Imagining the future is much more interesting to me than digging into the past. It's really interesting for me how a yacht, plane, or a smartphone will look in the future. I wonder what new technologies and inventions will be used. I'm not an engineer, but that doesn't stop me from thinking.

At the end of the year I plan to release the science fiction book "Collective Mind", about the collective imagination, as one of the options for development of the near future, in 10-20 years from now.

The future is incredibly exciting. I already have a ticket to the Virgin space shuttle. And I'm looking forward for my flight. Probably I will purchase another ticket at XCOR as well.

MONACO 2050 - летающая яхта будущего.

Мир постоянно развивается. Новые технологии быстро пожирает старые. Новые материалы позволят современному дизайну меняться со стремительной быстротой. Футуристы и голливудские фильмы демонстрируют нам, как будет выглядеть завтра и послезавтра. Позавчерашние сказки уже давно стали сегодняшним днем.

Создавая дизайн яхты будущего, я назвал ее «Monaco 2050», как год, не позже которого я
прогнозирую появление первой реализованной яхты такого типа, на самой престижной выставке яхт в Мире - Монакском MYC.

Верхняя палуба является и частью яхты и независимым летательным аппаратом, который при необходимости на встроенных в крылья винтах поднимается вверх, становясь вертолетом.
Но вертолет на яхте не является новаторством, и на вертолете трудно пересечь Атлантику или слетать в Гонконг, поэтому набрав необходимую высоту и скорость, при необходимости можно включить реактивные двигатели и отправится хоть через океан.

По сути можно и не ждать 35 лет. Такую яхту можно начать проектировать и сегодня. Развитие технологий дронов и сегодняшние достижения вертолетостроения позволят поднять летательный аппарат на нужную высоту, а переключить двигатели на реактивные можно уже и на высоте 1000-2000 метров. У меня нет сомнений - я успею при своей жизни полетать - поплавать на такой яхте.

Представлять будущее намного интереснее для меня, чем копаться в прошлом. Мне интересно как будет выглядеть в будущем яхта, самолет, смартфон, какие будут новые технологии и изобретения. Я не инженер, но это не мешает мне думать.

В конце года планирую выпустить книгу “Collective Mind”, в жанре фантастика про коллективное воображение, как один из вариантов развития ближайшего будущего, лет через 10-20. Будущее невероятно захватывает. У меня уже есть билет в космос на шаттле Virgin. Жду не дождусь своего рейса. Возможно, куплю еще один у XCOR.

The extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 of Vasily KlyukinThe extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 of Vasily Klyukin
The extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 of Vasily Klyukin

Wealthy people, along with the government and corporations, are the largest investors into new technologies. Their willingness to buy and pay compels private companies to create the future.

The majority of companies are trying to create and meet the demand of mass market. However, a lot of technologies, design and ideas were born differently, in virtue of the discerning and demandin gcustomer.

The A yacht, created by the famous designer Philippe Starck and naval architect Martin Francis for Andrey Melnichenko, is my absolute favorite in the entire world of yachts. This is the most

beautiful of all the yachts built as of today. I would like to get on A yacht's board one day. The A yacht was followed by a whole squadron of beauties with the rounded noses.

The extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 will be built only in the future, but its brutal cruising shapes are relevant already today: I have received an order to create the concept of Monaco

2020 - an ordinary yacht, with retaining all the shapes and contours of the future Monaco 2050.

The technologies still need to be developed for the flying Monaco 2050. Drones are not yet capable of lifting up the heavy weights, although the vertical take-off has long been available for military, using another technology along with huge fuel consumption. After reaching the cruising speed of 200 km per hour the propellers will be turned off and the jet engine will be enabled.

Launching the jet engine while in the air is nothiNg new - look at the principle of launching Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Spaceship: the engine is being started during the flight.

Submitted video provides an excellent opport unity to understand the principles of how the technology of transformer yacht-helicopter-jet will work in the future. You will be able to see the

landing and docking, overlook of the yacht, takeoff, launch of propellers and jet engine, etc.

I believe that tomorrow looks like a tree, and either you will be on this "time branch" or another, depends on our imagination. I will continue designing the futuristic architecture and yacht concepts, but this is not enough anymore for me. I'm finishing the fiction thriller "Collective Mind", that will show one of the branches of a possible future.

And let the future come as soon as possible!

The extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 of Vasily Klyukin

Ricchi privati, insieme con il governo e le imprese, sono i maggiori investitori nelle nuove tecnologie. La loro spinta all'acquisto e pagamento sull'unghia incita le imprese private a creare per il futuro.
La maggior parte delle aziende stanno cercando di creare e soddisfare la domanda di mercato di massa. Tuttavia, un sacco di tecnologie, design e le idee sono nati in modo diverso, in virtù del discernimento e della richiesta del consumtore.
L'A Yacht, ideato dal famoso designer Philippe Starck e dall' architetto navale Martin Francis per Andrey Melnichenko, è quello che ho preferito in assoluto in tutto il mondo degli yacht. Questasarà la più bella di tutte le imbarcazioni costruite a partire da oggi. Vorrei andare a bordo dello A Yacht per un giorno se fosse possibile oggi stesso. L' A Yacht è stato seguito da un intero squadrone di bellezze.
Lo straordinario "yacht volante" Monaco 2050 sarà costruito solo in futuro, ma le sue forme brutali da crociera sono già messe in rilievo da oggi! Ho ricevuto l'ordine di creare il prototipo di Monaco2020 - uno yacht ordinario, che dovrà mantenere tutte le forme ed i contorni del futuro Monaco 2050.
Le tecnologie devono ancora essere sviluppate per il Monaco 2050 volante. I droni attuali non sono ancora in grado di sollevare pesi pesanti, anche se il decollo verticale è da tempo disponibile per usi militari, utilizzando un'altra tecnologia con enorme consumo di carburante. Dopo aver raggiunto la velocità di crociera di 200 km l'ora le eliche verranno spente e sarà messo in funzione solo il sistema a reazione.
L'avvio del motore a reazione durante il volo non è una novità - guardiamo il principio di lanciare il Virgin Galactic Spaceship di Richard Branson: il motore viene avviato solo a volo avvenuto dopo aver planato.
Il video presentato fornisce in apporto un'eccellente unità per comprendere i principi di come la tecnologia del trasformatore yacht-elicottero-jet lavorerà in futuro. Sarete in grado di vedere il suo atterraggio e l'attracco, si affacciano dello yacht, il decollo, la partenza delle eliche ed i motori jet, etc.
Credo che il domani si presenti come un albero, e resteremo su un suo ramo" o su un altro cui dipenderà dalla nostra immaginazione. Continuerò progettare l'architettura futuristica ed i concetti di yacht, ma questo non è più sufficiente per me. Sto terminando un thriller di fantascienza "Collective Mind ", che mostrerà uno dei rami di un possibile futuro.
E facciamo in modo che il futuro venga al più presto!

The extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 of Vasily Klyukin
The extraordinary flying yacht Monaco 2050 of Vasily Klyukin

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