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Monaco: Marta Grigorieva in "Demystification" at
Monaco: Marta Grigorieva in "Demystification" at

~~Successful portrait painter and art historian Marta Grigorieva set herself the task of "Demystification" of the superficial life. Her latest exhibition bearing the same name starts today at Audi Capital Gestion Monaco… This is a "pop up" exhibition with twelve paintings which in her own words are like dreams she seeks to demystify: "almost too beautiful they descend into decorative superficial Monaco routine."

Raising questions like “what is real?” If we embrace one side of life, that's delusional. If we embrace both sides of life, we are prepared for real challenge, she says. Every painting carries a sign, almost like a stamp of a round clock mechanism representing the passing of time, the only obvious reality. Some paintings have "pop up" bubbles with the thoughts of the main protagonists. The reality of their minds is somewhat different from the beautiful dream-like perfection on the canvas. Marta Grigorieva is a Monaco resident, art lover and veteran of galleries and museums around the world. She concludes: "Contemporary art is not dead here, but it doesn't breathe in my town, the Principality of Monaco."

"Demystification" exhibition is sponsored by Audi Capital Gestion and runs from April 9 to 20 at Monte Carlo Palace, 3 - 9 Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco. By appointment only. Contact: +337. Vernissage April 15, 18:00 - 20:00 by invitation.

Monaco: Marta Grigorieva in "Demystification" at
Monaco: Marta Grigorieva in "Demystification" at
Monaco: Marta Grigorieva in "Demystification" at
Monaco: Marta Grigorieva in "Demystification" at

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